Adding Simple Elements

Hello CTS readers--happy Friday! First off, we just wanted to say thank you for following along and joining us on this new journey of blogging! We're excited to be adding more content for you to read each week.
Today we're talking about just how easy it is to add to an outfit to spice it up and make it really stand out! One of the best ways to accessorize is by adding scrunchies. Scrunchies have found their way back into our wardrobes and we're not complaining! Earlier, we detailed fun ways to wear hair scarves and scrunchies have plenty of options too--try them on your wrist, in a low bun, in a high pony or a half-up style.
Another great way to add to your outfit is by mixing up your shoe choice. A lot of outfits typically meant to be cute and comfy can also be jazzed up to become more exciting! Try sandals instead of sneakers, heels instead of flats or wedges instead of slip-ons. This makes it super easy to make your outfit even cuter!
A third option for adding elements to your outfit is by the bags/purses you choose to sport--a big one right now is the ease and comfort of a leather backpack. Try it with fun and casual looks, but also don't be afraid to try it with a more sophisticated night-out look.
Thanks for reading along! We're excited to share more tips, tricks and info with you next week!
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