A Dress for Every Occasion

Trying to pick the right outfit for the occasion? Pick a dress!

Here, we have the ultimate guide on how you can dress for success no matter what events, holidays, and seasons you face this year.

Ready, set, go!


The Maxi dress could be called the versatile dress of the decade. Maxi dresses can be worn in any season, on any occasion, and by anyone. Below are some of the top occasions to wear a maxi dress as well as how to wear them on those occasions. Take a look!

“The Casual Everyday” is the most in-demand occasion because it happens the most often. Therefore, if you are going to school, clothes shopping, or chilling at home, the maxi dress is an excellent choice. Depending on the season, kick up some sneakers or flip flops, add a leather jacket or shawl, and you are all set!

“Going To Work” is another demanding occasion that may require more formal attire. In this case, wear a maxi dress with more solid, neutral colors (preferably black). Wear a suit jacket to add to the professional look and maybe a simple necklace. Finally, slip on some pumps or flats and you’re ready to go!

“Prom Night” is a great occasion to choose the maxi. Unlike going to work or dressing for “the everyday,” this is the night for you to go bolder with color and style. Don’t be shy on this one! Make a statement with the color of dress you choose. Grab a bright floral or maybe a silk, dark rouge maxi, for example. Then, slip on a pair of eye-catching shoes, add a fancy necklace for a finishing touch, and voilà you are ready!


Nursing-Friendly & Maternity

Nursing-friendly and maternity attire are at their finest in the 21st century, so don’t let fashion slip by when the baby bump arrives and leaves. The best part about this form of attire, is that comfort and style always combine. Here are the fashion tips for varying occasions when it comes to nursing-friendly and maternity attire.

Running Errands

Probably one of the most frequent and regular occasions for mothers. Whether it is going grocery shopping, taking kids to and from piano lessons, or cooking dinner, slaying fashion and comfort should not be an issue. Maxi dresses are a great option with fun sneakers. Sweater and t-shirt dresses are some other great options to add to the wardrobe.

Formal Events

Whether it is a church service, wedding, or funeral, formal events are always a time to dress for success. At church services and weddings, strive for flamboyant colors and light fabrics. The wrapped dresses are best for the nursing-friendly and maternity options alike. It is key to wear more neutral colors at funerals, of course. Classy sweater-type dresses are a great option for this occasion as well. Long shawls are also a great addition with any dress.

Date Night and Girls Night

These are great occasions to get all dolled up no matter what phase of motherhood you are in. Go for the bold colors and the silky fabrics. Maybe add a cute cardigan and a necklace to give the outfit a final touch.



We understand that it can be difficult to fashionably wear skirts and dresses to the knee. Since the 1940s, it has not been such a popular trend. However, we are here to open your eyes to the wonders of knee-length fashion, so get ready! Here are the tips by occasion.

The Piano Recital 

A social, yet formal event such as this is a great time to go knee-length. Tucking your silk, white colored shirt into a black pencil skirt is a great option. Or, tuck that same shirt into a solid black brocade skirt instead. The knee-length style always brings a nice, classy look to any occasion.

The Business Interview

Such an occasion is always in demand for a classy look. Pencil skirts are a great choice when it comes to this occasion. However, there are also great pencil skirt dresses that fit the same category. Add a simple belt and suit jacket, and you are set!

The Big Dance

Whether a prom or a New Years party, a dance is a great way to add a knee-length skirt. Surprised?

Although knee-length skirts may not always carry the sexy look, they do illustrate a classy, confident one for any occasion. Try the bright colored brocade or the tulle styled skirts and dresses, and bring a lovely statement to every party.



Formal dress goes beyond dressing “more up” than usual. In the fashion industry, there are very particular categories in formal dress for varying occasions. Here are some of the occasions and the “type of formal” to wear with it, so you can successfully dress for every event.

White-Tie Occasion

According to Vogue Magazine, “White tie is traditionally the most formal of all the dress codes, the ultimate formal outfit for only the fanciest affairs — think, the Met Gala, Oscars, or an extra special wedding.” This will be a once in a lifetime experience, if you ever experience a white-tie occasion. This is your Cinderella moment where there are no limits when it comes to big and fancy. Add some excessive jewelry and accessories to bring a finishing touch, and you are set.

Black-Tie Occasion

Returning to Vogue Magazine, “For women, black tie means a floor-length formal gown, and for men, a suit with a black bow tie is required.” This occasion is basically a stage “less formal” than white-tie. The Prom would be one of the best occasions to apply the black-tie fashion code. So, grab a bold red or black dress and some pumps and you are ready to make the ultimate statement.

Business Formal Occasion

This is the time for the suit jacket, white shirt, and pencil skirt. As previously mentioned, pencil dresses are another great option. You can still go bold, classy, and make a statement with neutral colors. Those high-end business events are a time to shine in a professional way. Don’t let those moments slip by.



Your best friend’s wedding is a time to make a statement. Whether it’s the wedding itself, the after party, or reception, we have tips and tricks ready for you to pick the right bridesmaid dresses.

The Wedding

The dress at the wedding is mostly sorted out for you by the bride. However, if she picks more of a color category to buy a dress in rather than a particular dress itself, make the most of it. The goal is to make a statement without overriding the bride’s spotlight. To do this, go simple and classy. Whether you go maxi, brocade, tulle, or plated, pick a dress that has a touch of you.

The Reception

You might wear the same dress that you also wore at the party to the wedding reception. If not, now is your time to shine. Unless there is a particular dress code, your choice of dress is really up to you. An important note to make, however, is to NEVER wear white. Furthermore, find a beautiful occasion dress with other colors and styles that fit you.


Seasonal Dresses

The Christmas Dress

This will be that one outfit you will wear at the big Christmas party at the end of the year. Christmas colors such as green, red, white, and black are preferred at these types of events. Unless you live in a place with a warmer climate, choose a dress that is warm and cozy. Solid colored dresses and shoes look great with patterned nylons. Sweater dresses go great with boots and leggings. So, grab those Christmas-colored, cozy dresses and cute new boots and make a statement at the party.

The Easter Dress

Looking for something this spring to wear to an Easter luncheon or church service? Easter dresses are meant to be more of a classy, elegant sort of dress. The brocade or tulle skirts and dresses are great options for this occasion. Pastel colors are also recommended, such as the light pinks, greens, purples, and whites. This may be more of a simple look, but makes no less a statement.

The Beach Dress

The ultimate dress of the summer season. These dresses can vary in transparency and length. They also have a nice lightness and flow to them and are best worn outside on the beach, naturally! Go pastel or bold with colors when choosing a beach dress, but the fabric needs to be lightweight. Make a statement this summer with a new beach dress.


It’s Time

The occasions coming at you this year are endless, so pick a dress! Although Called to Surf has the essentials and seasonal trends ready to be chosen, it is up to you to find your unique voice and outfit combinations that speak to you. Take your wardrobe to a new level with Called to Surf regardless of where you are on the calendar right now.