How To Choose A Swimsuit For Your Body Type In 2019

young blonde woman in a one-piece pink swimsuit


"To look good in the water you have to pick the right swimsuit. I own close to 500."

-Amanda Beard, American Swimmer

It’s 2019, and just about time to hit the pool in style. With new fashion trends embracing every body type, the question isn’t how to fit into a particular swimsuit this summer, but how to find the perfect swimsuit that fits you! Hit the water with something unique, spicy, and bold. One of the hottest trends hitting swimwear this year is modesty. Covering up has never looked so good, especially with the latest patterns, designs, and colors of the season. So, get ready!

Below you'll find some common body types and swimsuits that will embrace them.

PEAR: It’s all about proportion

"Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions."

-Coco Chanel,  French Fashion Designer & Businesswoman

If you have a pear shape body type, get ready to embrace solid colors and shapes. Whether it is a two piece, tankini, or a full piece, the bottom half of the swimsuit should preferably be a solid color. Solid colors simplify the lower half, so the upper half can be in the spotlight. Patterns, or clear cut shapes should enhance the upper half. This will create a nice balance between the overall outfit.

CURVY: Bright colors and patterns are best

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you."

-Ralph Lauren, Luxury Fashion Designer

If you are curvy, it’s time to really embrace it and enhance those curves. Fun, flamboyant patterns will do just that. Take advantage of the neckline and make sure there is support from top to bottom to create as much comfort as possible. Remember to never go for plain, solid colors. This will show the curves, but not make them pop in a way that enhances the overall body figure.

SLIM: Bold is beautiful

"Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare."

-Voltaire, French Enlightenment Writer

Slim and athletic figures deserve to pop. Not only are dazzling colors and shapes welcome, but add some ruffles, asymmetrical looks, and play with proportions. Some ladies prefer to go more sweet and simple; when leading this direction, take advantage of solid colors, but play around with the shapes and symmetry.  No matter how you do it, stay bold!

SMALL BUSTED: Illusion is key

young blonde woman in cream and green swimsuit

"Fashion is the most beautiful illusion you can have."

-Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

There are multiple ways to work with a small bust when it comes to swimsuits. A popular tactic is to use triangle shapes and patterns to create an illusion of a larger bust. Purchase swimsuits with cups built in to also enhance this illusion.

Other women prefer to embrace the small bust. In this case, don’t worry about the illusion and go with simple proportions, colors, and shapes as mentioned in the pear and slim portions.

FULL BUSTED: support is essential

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

-Hans Hofmann, German-Born American Painter

As mentioned in the curvy portion, support is very important when it comes to curvy body types and fuller busts. Because the bust, in this case, speaks for itself, it is better to focus on bold patterns or solid colors on the overall suit. Don’t purchase swimsuits with ruffled or complex additions to one side or the other of the suit. This accentuates certain areas “too much” over others.

MATERNITY: It must be comfortable

"Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open."

-James Broughton, American Poet & Filmmaker

Tankinis are preferable when it comes to maternity body shape. This is due to their simplicity and support which is crucial to the comfort of any pregnancy. As long as there is support throughout the overall swimsuit, it is up to you to decide the color and design. Some ladies like to go more trendy, while others prefer a more classic tone.

To Sum It Up

Although these have been popular tips from the pros when it comes to swimsuits in 2019, the biggest trend of the year is: “do whatever you want”. If you are feeling to take the “road less traveled” take it and see where it leads.

In the end, it is all about the individual embracing themselves and their body type. Letting each individual shine to their full potential wherever they are is the ultimate goal. Called to Surf has this purpose in mind when it comes to swimwear, discover their latest twists on 2019 swimwear.