Modesty: The New Fashion Trend Made Easy

Modesty. What does it look like? What does it sound like? Although there are variations of the definition throughout our world, modesty, to us, is sending the beautiful and confident message you want to send to those around you. It can be difficult to find clothes that not only layer in a fashionable way, but that speak your voice and style.

Ghizlan Guenez, the CEO of The Modist fashion line said, “I have spent my life surrounded by women who dress modestly and who love fashion...As someone who prefers this style of dressing, I have experienced firsthand how frustrating and time-consuming it is to try and find clothes that offer both the functionality and fashion, so I decided to build a solution to a problem that I understood too well.”

Called to Surf has also found a solution to combine modesty and fashion, helping you feel bold and beautiful.

Our Solution

We know a thing or two about catching the wave of fashion no matter the season or trend. If the seasons have taught us anything, it is that change can be beautiful. While autumn brings deep rouges, purples, and greens, winter brings a frosted white. As winter begins to die, spring is born with floral designs and bright colors. The deepening of spring calls for summer as heat and fresh waves push us to new heights and joys. You get the point. So, in following the pattern of seasons and the latest trends, Called to Surf has answered the call to create the best designs for each season that comes our way.

The Essentials

Every wardrobe has its essentials consistent through any change in temperature. Called to Surf believes that layering up and starting with simple basics can actually make your closet even more trendy. Here are some basics that can stock up in your closet no matter the wave that comes your way.

Tops and Tees

Called to Surf offers a variety of tops and tees to layer under tanks and dresses, or as a simple basic to add to your cute new pair of jeans. These tops can be used all year around to layer up fashionably and to speak your style.


A pair of jeans or sweats can always be easily worn throughout the year in addition to any trend of the season. Called to Surf offers a variety of bottoms, from various colors to cute textures that can be a fashionable addition to any outfit.

Tis’ The Season

After you have the necessities for a basic wardrobe, you can spice it up to fit you and the season. Adopting modest fashion doesn’t need to be boring. It can actually be classy and trendy with a voice that only you can create.

Autumn Spice

Fall is a time to pull out some darker shades and mixes of the primary colors and to go bold. Called to Surf offers tops, sweaters, cardigans, and rompers so you can spice up yourself for the season in the way you like it. You don’t need to choose between cozy and cute with these options. It is more a matter of which type of cozy and cute brings out the best in you.

Check out some of our recent popular fall trends: 



Winter Wonderland

Winter is a time to make wooden textures, cool breezes, and a powdery touch look pretty. This is also the season to layer up. Layers stacked properly can coat your style with a sassy bang! Get a little frosty in the winter with Called to Surf’s collection of sweatshirts and pullovers with a beanie to go with it.

Check out below some of the bestselling winter trends Called to Surf offered this past year:


Spring Fling

Spring is the time to let your fashion grow into something new. It is a season where some trends can get reborn while others can be born for the first time. Add some floral and pastels to give birth to a new you this season with Called to Surf’s collection of flamboyant dresses and skirts.

Check out some of our most popular spring looks this past year:


Summer Breeze

Summer is the time to embrace the heat and hit the waves. Called to Surf knows how to do summer best with its collection of swimwear and accessories to catch the best waves you face in style.

Check out some of our most popular summer trends:


Wedding Season

Called to Surf understands that the climate of the earth doesn’t determine every season. The climate of the heart does too. This is why we have have a collection of brides and groomsmen attire for that special wedding ceremony when your best friend says ‘I do’.

Check out some of our most popular wedding trends of the season this past year:


Maternity Season

Preparing to bring a little one into this world is another season of the heart. Although we understand how the baby bump can be looked at as a hindrance from fashion, we are here to make it quite the opposite. Called to Surf has a collection of trendy attire to help women during maternity and motherhood voice the beauty and magic within this stage of life.

Check out some of our most popular maternity trends of the season this past year:


It’s Time

Whether its fall, winter, spring, or summer, you no longer need to decide between modesty and fashion. Modesty is the new trend! Although Called to Surf has the essentials and seasonal trends ready to be chosen, it is up to you to find your unique voice and outfit combinations that speak to you. Take your wardrobe to a new level with Called to Surf regardless of where you are on the calendar right now.