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4 Things To Consider When Spring Cleaning Your Closet


Spring can sometimes mean you’re shoveling snow off your car in the morning and turning the AC on in 80-degree beach weather that same afternoon. While you can’t control the weather, spring cleaning your closet will help you feel in control of your wardrobe—no matter the temperature. 

Take charge of your life with these top four spring cleaning tips. See how you can spring clean your way to the closet of your dreams with Called to Surf.

 Woman looking to the side wearing a white spring dress holding tulips


1.) Set the Vibes

Are you someone who loves to clean and organize? Maybe you clean places that other people will see (i.e., bathrooms, kitchen, living room), but your closet is a wreck. No one sees it. Then, it ends up on the lowest priority of the “to-clean” list. When you attack spring cleaning, create a positive environment—no matter which type of cleaning personality you have. 


Keep your favorite Trader Joe's snack nearby because hangry girls don’t get things done. Dark and gloomy rooms can feel sad. Let some natural light through the windows, if you can. Then, put on your favorite playlist for extra hype. 

Listing things you need is next up on your spring cleaning checklist. Boxes or bins will help separate clothes into storage, donation, or repurpose piles. Keep some new hangers and dividers handy, just in case. You’re officially ready to start spring cleaning!



2.) How to Break up With Clothes

Woman’s feet hanging off a chair next to white pumps in a large walk-in closet after spring cleaning

Unlike your last Tinder date, some of your clothes have been with you through thick and thin. The hardest clothes to break up with are sentimental ones. You know which ones we mean. That shirt you wore to your first T Swift concert or the high school hoodie you never wear but wouldn’t dare part with. We all have those clothes that seem impossible to purge. 


Our first advice is to try.


The memories live on. Hopefully, you have enough pictures in those clothes that you keep without taking up space in your drawers and closets. If that isn’t an option, consider putting those clothes to work. DIY a quilt from all those tees so they can still comfort you. No sewing skills? Try using those sentimental tees instead of bubble wrap or newspaper to pack away fragile items like Christmas ornaments. 


For all other clothes, apply the one-year rule. If you find yourself cycling through your favorite tops and bottoms and there are clothes you haven’t reached for in over a year, it’s time to say your goodbyes. It’s a new year; you’re a new girl. This girl only wears clothes that make her feel like the queen she is. 



3.) Find Your Organization System 

Colorful spring dresses hanging on a rack as a result of spring cleaning

Store your seasonal items and swap them out when it’s time. That’s one of our best spring cleaning tips. Short on storage space? No problem. Keep out-of-season or special occasion dresses toward the back of the closet or drawers. Make clothes that are in season the most visible and accessible.

One of the most popular ways to organize your closet includes a color-coordinating system. Hang your clothes in a colorful rainbow. You could also hang entire outfits together (tops, pants, and accessories). It’s easier to roll out of bed and get ready for the day with this system. Mondays will thank you!



4.) Keep, Donate, or Repurpose?

After you’ve filtered through everything that gets to stay, the last step to your spring cleaning checklist is figuring out what to do with the rest. Here’s a quick test for clothing donations: If the clothing item is in good condition (no stains, holes, or tears) and is clean, it’s a good candidate for a clothing donation. Some thrift stores even offer money for gently used clothes. Just don’t be offended if they don’t offer you anything for your favorite dresses. You can always donate to a local charity or try to sell it on Depop instead.

For the clothes that aren’t even donation worthy, don’t trash them! Repurpose clothes instead of tossing them. Cut them up, and now you have new rags to finish spring cleaning the rest of your home. Do you have a pup you love and adore? Braid old shirts into chew toys for your furry friend. See if there’s a place near you that recycles textiles before they end up in the trash.



 Spring Cleaning Tips with Called to Surf

The best thing about the whole out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new part of spring cleaning is the new! You might get so good at purging your closets that you’re missing some spring-wardrobe essentials. Fill in the gaps with floral dresses, denim shorts, or comfy shoes that you’ll reach for this season. Happy spring cleaning!

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