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Trendy Summer Colors and How To Embrace Them


Whether bright summer colors are some of your favorites or you’re looking to experiment with your summer fashion, summer is the season for fun prints, breezy, breathable textures, and pretty pops of color. 

Wondering what to wear in the summer? We’ve got you covered! 

The Traditional Summer Color Palette

There are a few summer colors that come back time and time again, like yellows, pinks, corals, lighter purples (like lavender or lilac), and all sorts of different blue hues. From summer fashion to summer shoes, accessories, accents, and swimwear, you can’t go wrong by mixing and matching these classic summer colors

Color Analysis: The Summer Color Palette

Believe it or not, summer is a bit more subtle, soft, and cool than you might expect. Think pastels and shades of gray, usually. Summers tend to have low contrast between their skin tone and hair color, but there are exceptions to that “rule”! If you’re dressing for your color season, be sure you use the right shades around your face to best highlight your features. 

Trending Summer Colors: 2024 Edition


The following are today’s trendiest colors for summer 2024: 

  • Glacial blue
  • Lilac (and lavender)
  • Pistachio
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Navy Blue
  • Orangeade 
  • Gold

Not a lot of surprises there, but you can expect to see these summer colors everywhere here soon … from patterns and prints to solids and statement pieces. You might even see them in home decor (indoor and outdoor), linens, kitchenware, and more. 

How to Add Summer Colors to Your Rotation 

No matter which summer colors we’re talking about, the guidelines for adding more color to your closet remain the same. The concoction for wearing color includes one part confidence, two parts want and will, and one part commitment. But, that all comes once you warm up to the idea of color and get comfortable with it. 

Here are a few of our tips for speeding up that process.

Start One Piece (or Even One Color) at a Time!

Diving headfirst into the Skittles Rainbow of summer colors is not for the faint of heart. If you have a favorite style or color, it’s best to start there. After all, you already feel positive feelings about it! 

Alternatively, you can add a pop of color to a favorite outfit somehow, whether it’s with shoes, accessories, or a bigger piece of the puzzle. Adding a neutral layer (a jacket or sweater) lets a color do what it needs to without it feeling in your face. Once you’re used to that, you can play with monochrome, tonal, complementary, and mixed-and-matched color structures.

And it’ll be so much fun!

Play With Shades

If you’re totally new to summer colors, soft shades might feel more diluted, neutral, and doable than their bright and bold counterparts. 

Consider the color analysis categories: summer is something of a muted winter and autumn is something of a muted spring. Many find the muted seasons more palatable, especially in the beginning, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s all about finding whatever works for you. 

Wondering What to Wear in the Summer? Color!


As summer swims in, embracing a bit of color, be it trendy or timeless, is totally in season. Whether you opt for bold statement pieces or subtle accents, incorporating summer colors will effortlessly improve your summer style and match the mood warmer weather brings in. 

Here comes the sun! Ready to shop summer fashion? Check out the Called To Surf collection. 

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