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Color Psychology in Fashion


What you choose to wear is like your own personal language, speaking volumes without saying a word—especially when it comes to color. Think about it: The colors we wear aren't just random; they reflect who we are and how we want to show up in the world. When we pick out our outfits each day, we're not just getting dressed; we're crafting our identity, setting the tone for how we want to feel and how we want others to perceive us. It's like painting a picture of ourselves with every hue and shade, making color the ultimate MVP in our fashion game.

Too deep? Well, that’s fashion psychology for you. Buckle up because we’re about to dive even deeper into what color in fashion signifies.

A Color Analysis

Here’s a little color psychology cheat sheet to kickstart your wardrobe journey:


First up, we've got our girl RED. This fiery hue isn't just about making a bold statement but also about confidence and passion. There’s a reason a red lip or red dress always turns heads. Red radiates power and energy (just ask Taylor Swift—she titled an entire album Red). So, when you're ready to unlock your bold side, slip into something red. Whether you're making a grand entrance in a room (or on a Zoom call!), going on a first date, or trying to emulate Miss Swift herself, red is your go-to color for making a statement.

Get ready in red. 


 Not only do we naturally associate yellow with eye-catching street signs and markings, but we link this color with the sun, too. This sunny shade is like a little slice of happiness you can wear. It's all about positivity, optimism, and just embracing life with open arms. If you’re a generally happy person (or trying to be), wearing yellow can signify your cheery attitude! Yellow works best in the spring and summer. Pull out a yellow sundress and you’ll be spreading good vibes and frolicking through fields in no time—that’s what wearing yellow can do to a gal.

Spruce up your wardrobe with sunny yellow.


Now, let’s talk about blue color psychology—the color of tranquility, calm, and sadness (but we’re not focusing on that last one today). We see blue in the ocean and the sky, two constants in our world. Because of this, wearing blue can convey loyalty and steadfastness, instilling calmness in both yourself and those around you. Blue also just gives off a chill, approachable vibe. Opt for a pair of blue jeans and a baby blue top when you want to channel those calm vibes and keep it cool and collected.

Beat the winter blues by wearing the color.


Up next: green color psychology. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and all things nature-inspired. It’s like a breath of fresh air in your wardrobe. We suggest wearing green when springtime rolls around to feel renewed and grounded. You’ll feel like you’re one with Mother Earth. Plus, it’s a safe color that pairs well with every skin complexion and eye combination.

Go green.


Pink is the ultimate symbol of femininity and romance. Next to diamonds, pink is the closest thing to a girl’s best friend. It’s also linked with softness and compassion. Note that you don’t necessarily have to be a total girly girl to wear pink. Whether you’re rocking a soft pastel pink or a bold fuchsia, pull out your pinks for romantic occasions or special celebrations with loved ones. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day—pink was made for February 14th.

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Last but not least in today’s fashion psychology lesson is purple—the color of royalty, luxury, and sophistication. Purple boasts a rich lineage tied to royalty and affluence, stemming from its once-exclusive production using a rare sea snail shell found solely in what is now Lebanon. Now, it retains its allure, symbolizing intrigue and mystery. Wear purple when you're craving a sense of individuality and distinction. Similar to red, this hue ensures you'll turn heads and command attention.

Wear purple like the royal queen you are.

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