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How to Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe in 2023

Capsule wardrobes. You have probably heard of them or seen ideas on Pinterest, but what are they? How do you make one?
We’re here to answer your questions and give you some ideas. With our help, you'll be able to build your best winter capsule wardrobe!


Planning Your Cute Winter Outfits

The first thing we need to establish is what a capsule wardrobe is. A capsule wardrobe is a limited group of clothing that only contains pieces that complement each other. The goal is to be able to mix and match any pieces depending on your mood or the occasion. Capsule wardrobes have become extremely popular in the last several years (especially when you’re on a budget or living in tight quarters!).


You’ll typically see a lot of neutral colors in capsule wardrobes because neutrals are easy to pair together. Plus, neutral colors are perfect for winter! A capsule wardrobe full of neutral comfy staples is a great way to take some stress off picking outfits.


Capsule wardrobes involve a little bit of planning at the beginning, true, but we will break it down into easier sections and show you some ideas for building your capsule wardrobe.


Start Up Top

A woman stands with her hands on her hips

“Simple” is the word to keep in mind while you find tops for your capsule wardrobe. Basic, solid-colored tops will make up most of your wardrobe. You will also want to vary the kinds of shirts you pick. Remember, this is your whole wardrobe, so consider the formality of places you typically go (work, school, home, etc.) and purchase a few dressier or more casual tops depending on your lifestyle.


A woman poses in a black and white striped sweater

If you still want more color or pattern to liven up your look, we recommend a soft pattern that’s easy to match, like this striped sweater.


Simple and Basic Bottoms

A woman poses in a pair of straight-leg jeans

Bottoms are even easier than tops! All you need to do is pick three or four pairs of pants and a skirt in neutral colors to match the tops you picked previously. You can opt for a nicer pair of pants and a staple pair of jeans. Like the tops, you’ll want to consider the events and obligations you typically have to ensure your wardrobe is functional.


A woman poses in a midi olive skirt

If you want to add a pop of pattern to your wardrobe, this skirt is a great way to do so! We recommend keeping the pattern small so it looks more neutral.


Dress It Up

A woman poses in a black dress.

Dresses are crucial to any capsule wardrobe! You can dress them up or down and add variety to your style. We recommend keeping it simple with only one or two boutique winter dresses in solid colors. This winter dress is a great option! Or if you're looking for additional inspiration, check out our citrus dress collection.



Layering is important in any capsule wardrobe but especially during winter! Not only because it’s cold outside, but because layering is fun! Where are our cozy girlies at? You have so many options for good top layers like jackets, sweaters, and coats. Adding one of each to your capsule wardrobe is the perfect way to round out any cute winter outfit.

A woman poses in a beige jacket

Long jackets like this one are a great option for the weather that winter brings. Adding this long jacket to any outfit will leave you warm and stylish. You can also use outerwear to add color or pattern to a capsule wardrobe. Plaid is a hot trend this winter and would look great in your closet!


Don’t Forget Shoes!

A pair of black leather platform boots

The shoes are last up in the capsule wardrobe. This winter, we are loving simple platform boots that add an edge to outfits. Shoes in a capsule wardrobe don't need to be flashy or attract a lot of attention; they should pair well with all of your pieces and polish off the perfect winter look.


Put Together a Capsule Wardrobe with Called to Surf

At Called to Surf, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the hottest trends this winter while offering functional, mix-and-match styles. We have everything you need to put together the perfect capsule wardrobe and look your best!


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