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The 7 Most Popular Dress Colors for Summertime


Summer is in full swing, and with it comes beautiful warm tones and colors. Although the cooler tones and seasons are great, there’s a special place in our hearts for the summer color palette. Some colors are popular for a season and then it feels like we never see them again. That’s why we want to make the most of them now! Regardless of sleeve shape, dress length, or ruffle design, we see the same colors enter stores every June. Let’s take a moment to celebrate them! Without further ado, here are the most popular summer dress colors.

1. White

Summer is wedding season, but those aren’t the kind of white dresses we’re talking about. White is a light, classic color perfect for vacations and day dresses. Because white is such a simple color, a lot of white dresses have extra texture or embellishments to keep things interesting. It’s also a very versatile color, so you’re set for most events. Check out the new white dress designs Called to Surf has released this summer here.

2. Sand or Khaki

We love a good neutral, and khaki is no exception. This color tends to look good on most people, and it’s a great addition to the soft summer color palette because it balances out bolder shades. Khaki has been especially popular in recent years with the rise of minimalism, and you can see it now in interior design and art as well as dresses. While we wouldn’t recommend making your entire wardrobe this color, it’s the perfect neutral to add to your dress collection this summer.

3. Baby Blue

Baby blue is another staple in the soft summer color palette. So many summer colors are warm and bright; baby blue is different because it’s cooler and muted. That doesn’t make it any less beautiful though. This shade ends up being a fashion favorite every year! It combines simplicity and elegance with fun to create something hard to dislike. If you don’t have enough baby blue in your closet, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to add a dress you can wear and enjoy for years to come!

4. Coral Pink

Now it’s time to talk about the first bright color on the list. Coral pink is such a fun summer dress color! You’ll never feel bored or underwhelmed when you’re wearing a coral-pink dress. Coral comes back every year because it has a unique way of making you feel confident and girly without being too extra. Our coral dresses are perfect for a casual night out, a wedding guest dress, and other happy occasions! You can see them here.

5. Palm Green

Green is an interesting color because it’s always in season. Different shades of green are popular during different seasons, but it’s always present in fashion. Palm green is one of the prettiest shades, and it also happens to play an important role in the summer color palette. Green is cool, so pairing it with warmer colors is a great way to even out your outfit. In fact, many green dresses are floral for that reason. Whether you pair it with other colors or not, a palm green dress is a must-have this summer.

6. Sunset Orange

Do you think orange is a controversial color? Whatever your preference is, no one can deny that it makes a statement! Sunset orange is a softer, girlier way to add it to your outfit. Confidence is the name of the game with sunset orange, and it matches best with a smile! Because it’s such a powerful color, many sunset-orange dresses will either feature a simpler design or incorporate it in smaller amounts. Don’t let it scare you! With the right design, you will be a showstopper in this bold shade.

7. Cerulean Blue

Even though we already have a shade of blue on the list, it would be a crime to leave out the token color of summer beaches and cloudless skies! Cerulean is the exact color that comes up when you think of fair weather, so obviously, it stays in style during the summer. While not exactly neutral, cerulean works with most colors (especially the other ones in the summer color palette). No matter who you are, you need a cerulean dress to wear this summer.

Celebrate Summer With Called to Surf

We love summertime, and our favorite part about it is providing you with beautiful, functional dresses to wear! Our goal is to create dresses in stylish summer colors you love that will make you feel beautiful because that’s what you deserve. If you’re ready to add some sunshine to your closet, see our summer dress collection now!

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