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The Best Way to Store Clothes for the New Season


When the first sign of a new season rolls in, we get a thrill of excitement. We can’t help it! Transitioning weather means updating the latest fashion trends, putting away the clothes you’ve been wearing for months, and pulling out familiar favorites from last season.

As satisfying as reacquainting yourself with your wardrobe from a past season may be, sorting and storing your current season’s clothes can be a more significant task than anticipated. While throwing your current clothes in a box and calling it a day may be tempting, mindfully approaching clothing storage will set you up for the best experience in the long run.

These five clothing storage ideas from properly folding clothes to finding the right containers will have you prepared for the new season in no time.


1. Sort! Sort! Sort!

No matter what season you are packing for, without a doubt, the best way to store clothes is to pack only what you love! Sort, sift, and toss judiciously. This method cuts down immediate clutter and means you’ll be happy with every item you pull out when you unpack it again next season. 

To help yourself decide what to keep, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • Is this a style I will still like in a few months?
  • Does this item fit me well?
  • Would I be excited to unpack this next season?


2. Select the Right Clothing Storage Containers

 Several pairs of shoes ready to go into clothing storage

There are plenty of clothing storage ideas when it comes to selecting a container to pack away clothes. First, evaluate your top priorities to find the right option for you. If, for example, your most critical need is taking up as little space as possible, vacuum bags are the way to go. However, if keeping your wardrobe safe from mice invasions or other pesky pests is essential, plastic bins with secure lids are the best clothing storage option.


3. Folding Clothes the Right Way Is a Must

After sorting through your attire and thoughtfully selecting the right clothing storage containers, the next step is to start packing! Throwing everything into a box haphazardly may save time and energy, but it can also cause damage to garments. The extra time spent carefully prepping and folding clothes is well worth the effort. 

Following these quick tips will keep you organized and neat.

  • Stacking clothes according to their fabric type is a smart choice to keep clothes pristine. 
  • If handling light fabric like linen, rolling instead of folding clothes will keep them compact and safe, without creating extra creases. 
  • Be mindful of buttons, hooks, and sequins that may pull or snag on material stored next to them.
  • When packing swimwear, ensure the fabric is completely dry to avoid mildew.
  • Clean off the bottoms of all shoes before storing them to remove extra dirt. Keep all footwear in a separate bin.


4. Clean and Repair in Advance

When it comes to unpacking clothes as the weather changes, you will want everything to be ready-to-wear out of the box. Save yourself the extra chore down the road by thoroughly cleaning your clothes before packing them away. This is one of the best ways to store clothes because it will keep your wardrobe in better condition and ensure easy unpacking later.

Where required, also be sure to finish any fixes before storing. Fixes include adjusting a hem, sewing a new button, or repairing a rip. If the fix is more than you’re willing to tackle (either now or later), instead sort the item into the trash or donate pile.


5. Pick the Right Location

Once everything is all packed and sorted into storage containers, our top clothing storage idea is to find the optimal location. This will make sure all your hard work pays off. If you’re using smaller containers or vacuum-seal bags, storing them beneath your bed is an excellent choice to conserve space. For those with bigger boxes, high shelves in your closet are a smart place to keep your boxes away from potential pests. Above all, the best way to store clothes after packing them away is to keep them in a cool and dry place to avoid fading or water damage.


You’re Ready to Store Your Clothes!

 A woman in Called to Surf lounge wear sitting on a chair

Though clothing storage may not be your favorite part of the season, properly packing away the prior season’s wardrobe will ensure your clothes stay in the best condition. You can increase their longevity for many seasons to come.

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