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Tips for Choosing a Swimsuit That Makes You Feel Confident and Comfortable


We all know that sorting through the swimsuit styles to find the perfect one for you can be a daunting task. We want something comfortable and flattering. Something we don’t have to worry about. Something we can just have fun in the sun in.

So, if you find yourself asking, “What’s the best swimsuit for my body type?” we’re here to help.

Let’s dive in!

Best Swim Styles for Pear Shapes

For our pear-shaped beauties, you’re going to want to look for cuts that balance your proportions while providing ample coverage for your lower half. That makes two-piece swims your best friend! Cut-out tops or upper-body detailing can naturally draw people’s eyes upward (if that’s what you’re after). A high-waisted swimsuit is a safe option for all body types, especially our pears.

Best Swim Styles for Athletic, Straight, or Rectangular Shapes

Since you may not have God-given curves naturally, the goal with your straight-bodied swimwear is to play up the idea of curves. Cutouts around the middle, high legs, mid-length tops, skinny straps, stripes, prints, and little detailing can all add to the overall shape you’re going for. These flattering swimsuits should be similar on top and bottom so that visually, the illusion is symmetrical. One-piece swims are also good for athletic builds. Shop Called To Surf to find the best swimsuit for rectangular-built beauts.

Best Swim Styles for Apple Shapes

A good, two-piece high-waisted flattering swimsuit is best for our apple-shaped besties. Most people with this body type want to keep attention away from their midsection, which can be done with strategic ruching, deep v-necks, high-waisted bottoms, and color-blocking prints. Mixing and matching different prints and styles are safe bets for our curvier ladies; we think it’s best if the colors are bright and the patterns are bold just for that extra splash. Plus, it’s summer—go big or go home!

Best Swim Styles for Hourglass Shapes

Flaunt what you’ve got, girl! Women of all body types often seek the hourglass illusion and it’s usually achieved through high-waisted comfortable swimsuits or one-pieces with cutouts and flattering prints. We’re a big fan of color-blocking this season, and we think it’s a great style choice for our hourglass-shaped women. 

You should also keep your eye out for tie detailing, ruching on the bottoms, peplum styles, etc. The mix-and-match style is fun, but sometimes it can throw off that natural balance that hourglass body types possess, so we think it’s best to stick to matching sets when searching for flattering swimsuits.

What About Swim Styles for Support? 

When it comes to busty or not-so-busty women, finding a supportive swimsuit can be even harder. It doesn’t matter so much about style but construction. 

Bustier gals probably want a comfortable swimsuit with some padding (which can be a headache, we know!) or at least some underwire and perhaps a thicker strap while we’re at it. Our beloved members of the smaller-chested club can go with strapless or spaghetti-style straps, so long as they tie tight and fit right. 

Think of swimwear like workout gear (because it is)! You want to feel secure and covered so you can splish, splash, and stick your toes in the sand without worrying about any sort of wardrobe malfunction, no matter how big or small. These lovely ladies should look out for comfortable swimsuits, but don’t be mistaken; comfort can be quite cute. 

Swim Upkeep: Called To Surf Tips

Whether you’re in the market for a flattering swimsuit that may not take any dips in the pool or will live in the water all season long, you need a high-quality swim. That means good fabrics that will hold up through the season (A+ if it can hold up for a few years!), but it also means taking care of your suit properly so it doesn’t start to sag, droop, pill, or tear. 

The short of it: Rinse or soak your swimsuit ASAP after wearing it in water. It’s possible to wash swimwear in the machine, but it’s better if you have the time to hand wash it with a spandex-specific mild detergent. If you must machine-wash it, put the suit in a mesh garment bag, use the delicate cycle and cold water, and hang it to dry. Take time to give your swimsuit the TLC it needs to stay perfect all summer.

Confidence Comes When You’re Comfortable

Easier said than done, right? We hear it everywhere that we should love the skin we’re in and embrace our bodies because we only get one, etc. All true! In our experience, the quickest way to build confidence is by feeling comfortable. If we feel our best, we’ll look our best, no doubt about it. 

So, shop for comfortable, flattering swimsuits at Called To Surf so you can hit the pool in style (and don’t forget the SPF!).

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