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2022's Top 35 Clothing & Fashion Influencers of Utah


Move over, California and New York. Utah is coming for the title of “Best-dressed state in the country.” When you need fashion inspiration, you can look to social media. Here are our top 35 favorite influencers to follow on days when you have “nothing to wear” in your closet.

1.) Whitney Simmons @whitneyysimmons

Whitney Simmons is a fitness influencer (dressed to impress when burning calories) and psoriasis advocate. She is also the owner of the Alive app, which helps people with their wellness journeys.


Style inspiration: Colorful Athleisure

2.) Kaitlyn Towner @kaitlynoelle

Kaitlyn is a mama, freelance Utah model, and owner of Woven Nook. Her shop focuses on high-quality and affordable home decor.


Style inspiration: Conservative Feminine

3.) Fatima Dedrickson @stylefitfatty

Fatima “Fatty” Dedrickson is a content creator originally from Sweden, who focuses on motherhood, couples challenges, self-care, and home workouts in a pure and honest way. Her style gives off the ultimate cool-girl aesthetic.


Style inspiration: Sporty Chic

4.) Hailey Devine @haileydevine

Hailey Devine is known for Somewhere Devine, a filmmaking and travel production blog she runs with her husband. Aside from content creation, Hailey hosts service expeditions around the world and does so wearing her seasonal capsule wardrobes.


Style inspiration: Neutral Preppy

5.) Aly McKnight Saifoloi @alymcknight

Aly McKnight Saifoloi is an illustrator and creative originally from the Shoshone-Bannock tribe in Idaho. Her custom watercolor artwork features important Indigenous stories, and she wears her culture on her sleeve—literally.


Style inspiration: Native American Bohemian Chic

6.) Danielle Davis @daniellehdavis_

Danielle is a lifestyle, commercial, and editorial model who also loves to model with her partner and children.


Style inspiration: Trendy Sophisticated

7.) Aspyn Ovard @aspynovard

Aspyn Ovard has been making content on social media (Youtube, Instagram, and now TikTok) for over 12 years. She’s married to fellow YouTuber Parker Ferris, and she is a lifestyle and beauty content creator.


Style inspiration: Relaxed Loungewear

8.) Anabelle Jean Marz @anabelle.jeann

TikTok sensation Anabelle Jean Marz is a young lifestyle blogger who features her travel, fashion, and pregnancy journey.


Style inspiration: Pastel Retro

9.) Julia Hatch @julia.hatchh

Julia Hatch is a fiery redhead with the voice of an angel who sings on TikTok and shares content around the beauty space.


Style inspiration: Bold Edgy

10.) Emily Meyers @thefreckledfox

Emily is a creator, writer, speaker, and freelance model. Her niches include hair, family, food, fitness, beauty, and, of course, style.


Style inspiration: Soft Grunge

11.) Jaycie Memmott @Jaycie_nicole

Jaycie Memmott, a former competitive cheerleader, is now known for her comedic reels and lip-syncs on TikTok. Her playful outfits keep our attention locked in, too.


Style inspiration: Old-School Quirky

12.) Rachel Bastos @liferachel8

Rachel Bastos is a content creator who collaborates and partners with brands in the skincare, beauty, decor, and fashion industries.


Style inspiration: Soft Elegance

13.) Kelsi Carma @kelsicarma

Kelsi is the co-founder of Norm. Marketing., a digital marketing agency based in Lehi, Utah. Kelsi is a lifestyle, fashion, food, and family content creator.


Style inspiration: Modest Cottagecore

14.) Kenna Bangerter @kennabang

Kenna Bangerter is a professional filmmaker who captures weddings, births, and more at her business KFilms Video. Her style is casual and effortless just like her laid-back personality.


Style inspiration: Cozy Streetwear

15.) Elise Hunter @huntersofhappiness

Elise Hunter started as a traditional mommy blogger and transitioned to being a DIY queen featuring home renovation projects. Don’t worry, she still features mommy-and-me outfits and cute hairstyles.


Style inspiration: Mommy and Me

16.) Maurissa Ashby @maurissa.model

Maurissa Ashby Faulkner is originally from the Cayman Islands. She started as a digital marketing strategist and now uses those skills to support her own brand of lifestyle content.


Style inspiration: Flirty Florals

17.) Karlie Place @karlieplace

Karlie Place is a luxury travel and adventure photographer who offers presets and coaching calls and has partnered with brands like Lululemon.


Style inspiration: Ethereal Feminine

18.) Alayna Finau @laynafinau

Alayna Finau, a former volleyball player for California’s Notre Dame de Namur University, is married to professional golfer Tony Finau. Her content focuses on supporting Tony’s career and their five adorable children.


Style inspiration: Conservative Couture

19.) Kristin Davis @kristinrosedavis

Kristin Davis is the writer of the Wild One Forever blog. Kristen covers fashion, interiors, books, and more.


Style inspiration: Glam

20.) Jocelyn Osmond @jocelyn_osmond

Jocelyn Osmond is a KSL Radio Host for @theteentalkshow and is the reigning Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen.


Style inspiration: Glam

21.) Brooklyn Fullmer @brooklyn_fullmer

Brooklyn is a seasoned professional dancer who has toured with MAC makeup and Dancing With the Stars.


Style inspiration: Casual Loungewear

22.) Mckenna Brown @mckennarosebrown

Mckenna Rose Brown is a former Mrs. Utah America 2014 and creator of My Wonder Woman Journal. Mckenna is a self-love and confidence coach whose content features topics that uplift and empower women.


Style inspiration: NormCore

23.) Moana Tuliaupupu @moanalalokea

Moana Tuliaupupu multitasks as a Communications Coordinator and model signed with MMG and Peak Models agencies.


Style inspiration: Youthful Vintage

24.) Jessy Clark @_jessyclark

Jessy Clark is a Brazilian content creator and mama who documents and reviews clothes with her try-on hauls.


Style inspiration: Artsy Edgy

25.) Britt Tanner @britt__tanner

Britt Tanner is an interior designer originally from California who has now settled down in Utah with her twin boys. Britt’s content features motherhood, lifestyle, and interior design.


Style inspiration: Boujee Glam

26.) Breea Guttery @codyandbreea

Breea Guttery and her husband own Tell the Birds, a photo and video agency based in West Jordan, Utah. They are known for their trendy, comfy style.


Style inspiration: Trendy Neutral

27.) Carlee Carroll @carleeecarroll

Carlee Carroll is a plus-size content creator and a mom of a toddler. She shares everything from beauty tutorials to book reviews.


Style inspiration: Confident Girly

28.) Michele Reyes @themichelereyes

Michele Reyes is a Navajo makeup artist who shares makeup tips to empower women. Michele lost one arm in high school, but that hasn’t stopped her from building her business and raising seven children.


Style inspiration: Neutral Minimalist

29.) Bek Marsden @rebekahmarsden

Bek Marsden is a 25-year-old mom, wife, and Christian who shares about motherhood through funny TikToks.


Style inspiration: Clean Neutrals

30.) Mayci J Neeley @maycineeley

Mayci Neeley played D1 tennis and is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor. Her content features her current family life and cute fits.


Style inspiration: Trendy Everyday

31.) Megan @swagatronforever

Megan covers a wide variety of topics from tips to dealing with mental health challenges to trying new foods and reps every Gen Z’s dream wardrobe while doing so.


Style inspiration: Edgy Punk

32.) Reiko Ogasawara @reiko.324

Reiko Ogasawara is a former Detroit Pistons dancer and current Utah Jazz dancer originally from Japan.


Style inspiration: Basic Athleisure

33.) Kaestle @kaestlecastle

Kaestle is a comedic influencer known for POV reels relating to challenges and everyday moments people experience. Kaestle often does it alongside a chihuahua sidekick named Twix. Both are impeccably dressed.


Style inspiration: Trendy Casual

34.) Ayzjiahna Wood @ayzjiahna_pageant

Ayzjiahna Wood is a Filipina American pageant teen based in Utah who documents the lifestyle of a pageant contestant in her fabulous outfits.


Style inspiration: Pageantry / Avant Garde

35.) Ashely Rae @ashleyraeeeeeeeeee

Ashely Rae is a Content Creator and Wedding Photographer who focuses on motherhood, photography, and fashion.


Style inspiration: Hipster Chic

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