Celeste Clark

Just like most new moms, Celeste Clark is learning to balance it all--chasing around her adorably busy 16 month old and trying to find any sliver of time in her day. But this Texas native is unique in the fact that she's also simultaneously running a successful business--generating hundreds of personalized artwork pieces right out of her own home.
Starting from a young age, Celeste self-taught all she now knows about artwork and calligraphy, seeing her career launch her into success upon moving to UT in 2011 for a brief period of time until returning to her home state. From her blog, she explains, "Ultimately, I have created these little pieces of my heart I call art in hopes of spreading inspiration, encouragement, motivation and of course, joy, to others."
Celeste still finds joy in maintaining her personal style while being a mom. She explains, "I've always been drawn to fashion and finding unusual things to pair together, that 'shock factor' is so fun to me! Once I became pregnant, it was a unique twist on how I normally dress, so I loved the challenge of dressing my new body and still feeling confident." She continues, "Dressing up my growing bump with a high waisted skirt and tied up tee was my go-to!"
Since having her son Wilde, Celeste began to accept her new body and how to dress herself post-baby. "I welcomed a newly shaped body that I'd grown to accept and embrace and be so proud of - those first few postpartum months, every effort and minute was aimed towards my baby, so there really wasn't much time to think about myself or my wardrobe." clark continues, "I decided to have a handful of comfortable staples that were both cute and functional for nursing. I rotated a few modern and floral robes and soft pajama set that were cute enough to go to the grocery store with, without looking like I just rolled out of bed."
Celeste has also found ways to adjust to a now mobile toddler, making her wardrobe and style more functional as she's actively on the go. "I am constantly moving, so comfortable and moveable clothes are the only option! I still have the itch to find new and unique clothing to pair together, but now that I am a mom, it has to be functional and make sense."
She lists a few options she has available in her closet that fit her lifestyle. she explains, "A solid pair of stretchy skinnies, a couple basic tops, a few flowy (and longer) dresses are staples in my closet now...and these items give a lot of room to mix and recycle through to keep my closet feeling fresh. I think adding a hair accessory like a bold hair clip, a bold earring or dainty choker can add a tasteful touch to any outfit to feel a bit more dressed up without trying too hard."
As Celeste operates her busy lifestyle and schedule, she's found that her wardrobe needs to adapt. "Being a full time mama and business owner, I don't have a lot of time for myself anymore - but keeping my closet minimal, cohesive, fresh and adding a fun hair style or accessory is just enough to fill that fashion itch!"
You can follow Celeste along on her journey and view her artwork through her instagram: @celestecclark + her
All photos courtesy + property of Celeste Clark.
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