Summer 2023 Dress Trends to Watch Out For

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Every year brings its own fashion trends to the table, and 2023 is no exception.

With this year’s adorable designs and styles, we’re so excited to see what future fashion has in store! The weather’s getting warmer and school is finishing up, so it must be time to share the summer 2023 dress trends you should watch out for.

2023 Trending Dress Styles

A woman at the beach wearing a simple trending dress with puff sleeves and buttons


Crazy styles and complicated pieces are not the move this season. Instead, 2023 is full of uniquely simple designs and silhouettes that complement a wide range of bodies. These styles emphasize a focus on the person rather than the clothing and encourage an attitude of self-love and care. 

But don’t confuse simple with boring! Fun colors, designs, and accessories characterize 2023 trending dress styles as exciting, bold, and rich. You don’t need a complicated dress to make a statement.


Puff Sleeves and Butterfly Flutters

We’re all about princess sleeves in the 2023 season. Beautiful puff or butterfly flutter sleeves are the perfect finishing touch to any dress. They make up a fun silhouette without feeling too busy and pair well with several different jewelry choices.


Buttons in the Front

Buttons are back on dresses—not literally on the back! While faster options replaced buttons on the back of dresses a long time ago, buttons on the front of dresses made our 2023 dress trends. Buttons serve many useful functions, including making the dress more accessible, adding lines and textures, and pulling accessories into the whole outfit.


Spring/Summer 2023 Print Trends

As stated above, most dress designs during the spring and summer seasons are simpler. While we love the simple silhouettes, this trend has allowed us to focus in on the prints. While some patterns are classic and always “in,” some styles feel like they’re being seen for the first time. Regardless, every season manages to put its own twist on things, and the spring and summer 2023 seasons are no different.


Here are the returning and new print trends for this year.


Spring 2023 Print Trends

Two women posing wearing Called to Surf spring/summer 2023 print trends on dresses

Light Florals

Floral is a pattern that stays in style all of the time. The spring 2023 trend features more muted floral patterns, often with lots of motifs throughout the fabric. Lighter colors add a breathable feeling and the number of flowers keep the dress interesting.



Many dresses from the spring 2023 season forgo printed patterns and showcase tons of different textures. While this isn’t your typical print pattern, the texture is a great way to add interest to a plain-colored fabric or dress. Among popular textures, we’re seeing lots of lines and swiss dots.


Summer 2023 Print Trends

A model posing in a bright abstract Called to Surf dress

Bright Florals

Floral patterns are turning bold with the summer months in 2023! Instead of the small, watercolor spring florals, summer florals will feature large flowers in bright, vibrant colors. These designs will encourage you to get your vacation on and enjoy the warm weather. While brighter colors sometimes feel harder to style than their neutral counterparts, we know this style will inspire confidence and warmth in everyone.


Abstract Patterns

Speaking of bold, abstract patterns are back—not in full force like the ‘80s, but they’re still back! These interpretive designs will catch the attention of everyone on the street. Historically, abstract patterns were complex and mind-boggling. For the 2023 summer, dress trends will stay effortless, incorporating simple shapes to form a cohesive outfit.


Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Color Trends

Color defines the fashion industry. It affects everything from how the design pulls together to the tone or mood people feel looking at it. Without further ado, we introduce to you the spring and summer colors of 2023!


Spring 2023 Fashion Color Trends

A mother and daughter wearing a light floral 2023 dress trend in blue

Baby Blue

Baby blue has been a huge color theme in the 2023 spring fashion world. It has a way of standing out without being too…out there. Blue complements many different skin tones. Overall, a baby blue dress would be a casual, fun, and beautiful addition to your wardrobe for warmer months.



Peach goes in and out of style every few years, but it’s definitely back in now. This color mixes the femininity of pink with the boldness of orange, creating a uniquely feminine look.


Summer 2023 Fashion Color Trends

A model posing while wearing a dress with the summer 2023 fashion color trends

Bright Yellow

Yellow is a color that screams summer! Bright yellow is bold and warm and is defining the values of 2023 summer fashion. Look out for the yellow dresses to add a spark of light to your wardrobe rotation.



Lilac is a beautiful purple that has made its way into the hearts and minds of designers for the summer. While purple is a statistically less-appreciated color, we know you’ll love this light princess shade. It’s the perfect color for your summer dress.


Bold Oranges/Reds

Big and bright is the name of the game, especially when it comes to bold, warm colors. You’ll find orange and red in a lot of boutiques this summer, especially in bold shades like sunset orange and crimson. Bring on hot girl summer with these hot girl colors!


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