How to Style a Midi Skirt for Spring and Summer

A woman wearing a blue graphic tee and floral midi skirt while smiling with her arm around her waist

If you feel like your spring fashion and summer fashion looks have been boring lately, there’s one thing you can add to evolve your style this year—a midi skirt

What is a midi skirt

Midi is short for mid-length. The hemline of a midi skirt falls around the calf. Midi skirts are longer than mini skirts (skirts that fall around the thighs) and shorter than maxi skirts (skirts that fall around the ankles).

If you’re ready to learn how to style a midi skirt, take a look at our top outfit ideas at Called to Surf for spring and summer fashion.

Add a Tucked Tank

With a strong midi skirt base, the options are endless. Fun little additions will make your outfits stand out this spring and summer. One of our favorite ways to style a midi skirt is to pair it with a tucked-in top. Try your favorite tank top, blouse, or V-neck. Tucked-in tops look especially good with midi skirts with a flowy silhouette—like a pleated or flared midi skirt.


Add a Graphic Tee

Woman’s arms tugging at a green floral midi skirt while she wears a bright orange graphic tee

Graphic tees add color, vibrance, and personality to a solid-color midi skirt. Are you feeling bold? Add a graphic tee to a patterned midi skirt for a more fun and quirky look.


Add a Crop Top

Get ready for a day at the lake or hanging out by the pool by adding a crop top with your midi skirt. If you prefer a more covered look, opt for a high-waisted midi skirt for more coverage. This two-piece look will make for an interesting (in a good way!) silhouette.


Add Layers

Girl smiling and looking to the side wearing a blue cardigan, floral midi skirt, and white sneakers


Our only issue with spring and summer is while it may be warming up outside, the air conditioner is blasting full force inside. If you’re taking a few classes this summer or working in an office, remember to layer up.


Midi skirts style nicely with a light cardigan or lightweight blazer to combat the change in indoor and outdoor temperatures. 


Add the Right Footwear

Woman posing with her arms under her chin wearing a nude tank top, orange floral midi skirt, and black loafers

Preparing the best spring and summer outfits requires thinking about dressing from head to toe. When putting together outfit ideas, don’t forget about your toes. Maybe it’s because our shoes are the last thing we put on, and it’s easy to neglect them. Let’s finish off the outfit strong with the proper footwear

Sporting a denim midi skirt? Reach for those cowgirl boots for a country girl aesthetic or a pair of white sneakers for our chiller girlies. As “groundbreaking” as florals for spring are, we can’t help but love them on midi skirts. Make your floral skirt look modern and sophisticated by wearing it with black loafers or strappy sandals.


Add Accessories


Cinch your snatched summer waist with a little belt. This simple and beautiful detail makes your  midi skirt look youthful and elegant in just a few seconds. 


You can also add a wide-brimmed hat and your favorite sunglasses to your midi skirt. Not only will you feel like a Netflix superstar, but it’ll also protect you from any harmful sun exposure that ages your skin. SPF isn’t an accessory, but always wear it with a midi skirt. You’ll thank us on your 35th birthday when people keep mistaking you for being 22!

See more midi-skirt accessories.


Spring Outfits and Summer Outfits at Called to Surf

Three girls wearing walking on the sidewalk with their backs turned and arms interlocked

Never wear “mid” outfits ever again! Adding a midi skirt to your spring and summer closet rotation will ensure your looks are never blah and always a 10 out of 10. Discover new styles and shop all the additions that will complete your favorite outfit ideas at Called to Surf.

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