Fall into Fall

#1) Make it subtle: If you're like me and you feel stuck wearing sandals for the majority of September, make the transition over simple and subtle. Begin by slowly adding lightweight sweaters into your wardrobe and light wash jeans. This way, you're still fitting into the warmer weather, but you're dressed for the month you're in.
#2) Accessories are key: A simple hair scarf can change the feel of your wardrobe that fit more for fall. Try darker shades like tans and reds for hats and deeper patterns for hair accessories that are sure to go with any fall outfit you have planned for the months ahead.
#3) Bring in the layers: Layering can be hard while it's still warm, but as you slowly ease in a denim jacket or cardigan over your basic tees, your September and October can match your outfits. If you're feeling adventurous, try mixing your denim with a light wash jean and medium wash jacket. 
#4) Try new patterns: Trying new deep orange, red and yellow patterns in your clothing is the perfect way to add new elements this season. Cheetah is a big contender, so try mixing things up with a pattern you've never tried before.
#5) Shoes go a long way: Swap out your sandals for a pair of slip-ons or peep-toe booties. This is the perfect way to make your look less summer and more fall. Pair with a boyfriend-fit jean or a midi skirt for the ultimate fall look for the upcoming months.

#6) Mix up your tops: You don't have to wear a baggy, oversized sweater while it's still 90 degrees out to transition to fall, but you can still slowly ease in knit materials. Try a 3/4 or short sleeve pullover tucked into jeans with a simple belt or a lightweight and thin sweater with muted colors like beige, tan or ivory.

#7) Mix it up: Try adding an element to each outfit that you wouldn't normally wear: a belt, small hoop earrings, a neck scarf...this makes your fall look more interesting and thought out.

#8) Use multiples: A great way to make your fall look effortless and transitioned from the previous season is by using similar items in your closet. I love wearing my denim jacket multiple times a week--over a floral tee, over a simple black dress or with jeans. This is a great way to use one item and use it well.

#9) Rompers and jumpers: Whatever you call them--rompers or jumpers, they're a great transition piece into fall with their lightweight and breezy material. Throw a denim jacket over the top, or wear with a lightweight sweater underneath for the ultimate fall look.

#10) Try new things: Lastly, be brave! Try things you wouldn't normally try this season! Keep in mind, trends start in the simplest of transitions. 

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