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Favorite Styles of 2022

As 2023 kicks off, we find ourselves reminiscing on the styles that got us through 2022. A lot of old favorites are making a comeback (since style is often cyclical), but there are some new faces in the field too. We have wide-leg bottoms, maxi skirts, leather, loafers, statement sleeves, vests, all sorts of accessories, and the trendiest prints, textures, and tones. 
Here's a top-to-bottom look back at what we loved at Called to Surf this past year. 

Tops That Transcend Trends

In 2022, the spotlight centered on statement-makers like prints, sleeves, and trending textures and tones. After all, when you shop beyond the basics, there's always room for something new. No matter your budget or body type, we're confident you'll find something to love from our curated collection that transcends the trends. 


Product image of the Brass & Roe Cali Cuff Sleeve Top from Called to Surf

Sweaters and Shackets

For versatility, look no further than these top-selling styles. Get outerwear warmth without the bulk or hassle of extra layers with these trending hybrid pieces. A stylish patterned sweater or comfy rust billabong shacket is unexpectedly practical and perfect for everyday wear—it's no wonder they were such hot-ticket items last year

Kate Sweater Jacket

product image of the Kate Sweater Jacket from Called to Surf

Finale Heathered Shacket

product image of the Finale Heathered Shacket from Called to Surf

Dresses to Dance In

Modest dresses like these will always stay in style, but we were particularly partial to long lengths and statement sleeves in 2022. Refresh your wardrobe for the new year with an easy, breezy linen or citrus dress or things that pack more of a print. There's always something for the occasion at Called to Surf.

Citrus - Shae Dress

Product image of the Citrus Shae Dress from Called to Surf

Everly Linen Dress

Product image of the Everly Dress from Called to Surf

Swap Out the Skinny Jeans

Now, some of us won't ever be totally over the staple skinny jean, no matter how millennial that may seem, but there's beauty in shaking things up every once in a while. We've branched out of our comfort zone and embraced the wide-leg trend and added some non-denim cuts and colors to our brigade of bottoms. If TikTok says this was a top 2022 trend, we'll follow suit. 


HR Utility Wide Leg Jeans

Product image of the HR Utility Wide Leg Jean from Called to Surf

Carpenter Jean - Off White

product image of the Carpenter Jean in Off White from Called to Surf

Add a Few Inches

Chunky boots, platform shoes, ballet flats, and slides filled everyone's shoe closets in 2022, next to limited edition sneakers and the Birkenstock Boston clog. If you managed to make it through the year without needing a new pair of kicks, here are a few styles for your consideration once your go-tos get too worn down. 

Jeffrey Boot

product image of the Jeffrey Boot from Called to Surf

Camila Slide - 03

product image of the Camila Slide from Called to Surf

Accessories That Mesmerize

Simple chains stay timeless, and every girl should have one, but that's not all 2022 had to offer in the accessories department. The end of the year (and some supply-and-demand issues) brought about the beginning of the end for the belt bag and the new crown jewel: the crossbody. In addition to the latest carry-all, we saw that claw clips, permanent jewelry, ring stacks, and watch bands are the top-selling accessories of the year. 

Brixley Crossbody Bag

product image of the Brixley Crossbody Bag from Called to Surf

Assorted Hair Claws

product image of the assorted Hair Claws from Called to Surf

Find the Latest Trends and Timeless Classics from Called to Surf

Bring home style for all seasons from the CTS boutique. Whether you're shopping for yourself, your loved ones, or your little ones, there's something for everyone in the store—from the latest looks to giftable goods and more.

For now, we want to hear from you! What were your favorite styles from 2022? What do you think we'll keep loving, and what do you think will get retired in 2023? How about that color of the year? Will you be embracing Viva Magenta, or sticking to your staples? Start the conversation on social media—we'd love to talk shop!


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